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Alfred CYMHS MBT Program (Melbourne): Brief overview

(Program guidelines available upon request to service)

The MBT Program for young people aged 17 to 25 years at Alfred CYMHS commenced January 2015. As of June 2018 there are 17 clinicians at Alfred CYMHS who have completed Basic level training, and 5 of these have also completed Practitioner Level Training. The program is overseen by an MBT accredited supervisor.

Core components of the Alfred CYMHS MBT Program:

  • Formulation based assessment process
  • Weekly Individual Therapy (typically provided by a clinician with at least Basic MBT Training)
  • Weekly MBT Group (90mins during school terms for 12 to 18 months per patient)
  • 6-monthly reviews with MBT coordinator or a group clinician and case manager and re-completion of quantitative outcome measures
  • Consult Group – fortnightly group-based supervision for group clinicians and case managers who have patients currently in the MBT Program facilitated by MBT Coordinator
  • Fortnightly dyad MBT Supervision of Group clinicians by MBT Coordinator
  • Monthly individual MBT Supervision of Group clinicians by MBT Coordinator
  • Quarterly MBT information sessions about the MBT Program at CYMHS to prospective patients, carers and other significant support persons (e.g. psychosocial rehab workers, residential carers, drug and alcohol workers, youth workers) and clinicians