MBT Practitioner - Sydney 7 & 8th June

Who is this for?

The aim is to facilitate skills development. Attendance at the course is part of the requirements for recognition as an MBT practitioner. Participants will:

  1. Have an up-date of current knowledge;
  2. Learn how to use the MBT adherence scale to monitor their practice;
  3. Develop their MBT skills through clinical demonstration, video ratings, and role plays.

Participants are encouraged to apply to bring a clinical video or audio of their work to demonstrate their use of basic MBT interventions. Consent from the client for part of a session to be shown for training purposes is required.

Alternatively participants may present a clinical problem with an MBT focus. This will be discussed and role play used to identify appropriate MBT intervention process.

A maximum of 5 presentations from participants is possible. Please apply early (by emailing margiestuchbery@hotmail.com) if you would like to take up this opportunity.

Any video assessment and clinical presentation discussed on the course may be used towards recognition of practitioner status and competence.

About This Course

This two-day workshop expands previous knowledge and embeds the basic skills of mentalization based treatment (MBT).

Dates and Times

Day 1: 0830-1630 Day 2: 0900-1630


Moore Park Golf ClubhouseMoore Park Golf Clubhouse

cnr Anzac Pde & Cleveland Street, Moore Park, Sydney, NSW 2021